Continental Mark II
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Ford Motor Company's Continental Division built the Mark II in 1955,

1956, and 1957 at Allen Park, Michigan.  3,057 cars were produced.

Bucking the in-vogue styling trends of all other American cars, the Continental was, instantly

upon its debut, a classic. It is a classic in the truest sense of the word which can be described

as widely accepted as desirable when it was introduced, and having enduring acceptance as it

grows older.

The Continental Mark II had no jet-age fins or other extreme attributes; it used chrome only as subtle accents to its restrained styling. The Mark II's appeal comes from a design which is not whimsical, shallow, or frivolous and therefore is not dated.
And, speaking of not being dated: Ford maintained that the Continental Mark II did not have a year designation, unlike every other car ever produced. It was simply "Mark II". Regardless of when it was built, every Mark II's serial number (or VIN as we call it today) starts with "C56", a vague reference to the model year in which the MKII was introduced. Naturally, motor vehicle departments and other authorities disagreed with Ford's premise and assigned a year designation on titles and registrations. Likewise, bureaucratic entities refuse to acknowledge that a Continental Mark II is not a Lincoln, however its legions of enthusiasts know better. Proof-in-point of the Mark II's desirability is that almost 60 years after it was manufactured, over 50% of these cars survive. Even if we consider individual series or body styles, the Mark II stands alone in this respect.
A Continental Mark II in front of the Allen Park Assembly Plant. The facility was also known as Ford's "Pilot Plant" where pre-Job #1 and other test vehicles were built. In 1957 this building became the headquarters for the Edsel Division, and some Edsels were built here. Ford also tested assembly line procedures here before they were implemented at other locations. The building stands today, at 17000 Oakwood Boulevard, facing I-94.  
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